Host Preparation List

It's the little extras that make you feel at home. We've put together a list of supplies and preparations you should consider before hosting. NestFiller ensures every host is prepared for the arrival of your first guests, our host launch program will deliver consumables and schedule service providers for home updates.

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Your competing against luxury hotels, your bathroom must be immaculate. The sink must glisten, the shower can't have a spec of mildew, and the toilet must be scrubbed to perfection. The bathroom is an intimate space that must make your guests feel comfortable.

All toilets need a deep clean. Take apart the seat and lid and scrub them both. Scrub hinges, handles, and the bowl. Sit on toilet seat to make sure it's secure, keep in mind you're accommodating guest of all shapes and sizes. Make sure the lid is in good shape and isn't squeaky, nobody wants to be woken up in the middle of the night by a squeaky toilet lid. Be sure to have a plunger on hand, we all hope the toilet doesn't back up, but better safe than sorry.

Vent Fan
Consider installing a fan for bathrooms with little airflow. Make sure that if you do have fans they are clean, it's easy to overlook, but oh so important.

Check to make sure that the faucets work, dispense hot and cold water correctly and have clean drains.

Make sure your shower glistens, deep, deep, clean needed. Clean curtains and replace liners. Inspect the drain, showerhead, and water pressure. Provide guest with adequate towel racks and hooks. You also need to purchase at least ten face towels, ten bath towels and four hand towels.

Clean outlets, make sure they aren't loose.

This small item is very important and guests have come to expect them.

Other Inventory
Toiletries that your guests need include shampoo, conditioner, body wash, liquid hand soap, and toothpaste. Purchase a soap dish, toothbrush holder, and waste can for each bathroom. Stock toilet paper, Q-tips, and tissue.

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The kitchen is the heart of any home. One reason more and more guests are choosing Airbnb instead of hotels for their accommodation, is having kitchen access.Consuming conciously is valued more and more each day and for your guests with real dietary restrictions, a clean, safe kitchen is essential for a good stay.

Clean your microwave and set the digital clock.

Your faucet should be clean and in good working order. Make sure it is draining properly and is free of leaks.

Your refrigerator and freezer should be in good working order. Make sure to give it a good scrub inside and out. You will also need ice trays or an icemaker.

Coffee Maker
You need a coffee maker, make sure the pot is not stained, chipped, or cracked.

Plates, Silerware, and Cups
You need twice the number of plates as the number of guests you can accommodate. If your home holds four guests, you need eight plates.

Wine Glasses
If your home sleeps up to six people, you will need six wine glasses.

Pantry Items
Stock tea, coffee, condiments, and spices: honey, sugar, salt, pepper, ketchup, and mustard.

Pots and Pans
Supply a large skillet, pot, saucepan with lid, baking sheet and casserole dish.

You'll need a sharp, clean, set of knives.

Towels and Oven Mitt
Provide clean kitchen towels and an oven mitt.

Kitchen Utensils
You will need to stock spatulas, ladles, whisks, and measuring cups. You'll need a bottle opener, can opener, and vegetable peeler. You'll also want one colander and a cutting board.

Buy a clean sponge, some dish soap, trash bags, paper towels, sandwich size plastic bags, and aluminum foil.

Garbage/ Recycling
NestFiller values recycling and will help you make it easy for your guests. Provide clearly labeled, clean, containers for both recycling and garbage.

Step Stool
Be mindful that guests are each unique and have different abilities.

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You must provide a comfortable place to rest. Invest in a soft top mattress, blankets, a fan, and curtains to block outside light, without taking these things into consideration, your guests won't feel rested and invigorated.

Blankets and Sheets
You need one comforter and three sets of sheets per bed and a spare blanket for each guest. Linens should be neutral in color, preferably white. Make sure all blankets are in good condition and fluffy.

Get a mattress in good condition, without stains and sagging and invest in a cover. Don't back your bed into a wall or corner forcing your guest to crawl over another guest in order to get out of bed.

You need plenty of pillows. King, queen or full size beds should have four pillows. Twin beds should have two. Be sure pillows are in excellent condition, clean and replaced yearly.

Most guests hope to find a television in their room, however it is not a necessity. If you do have a television, make sure the remote works and directions to work remote are listed on your home guide.

Mirrors add to the decor of your home and can be a time-saver to your guests. When sharing a bathroom, it is appreciated to have another area in your home to freshen up.

Each bedroom needs a fan if there is not a ceiling fan. Make sure the fan is in good working condition and clean.

Your clothes closet should have hangers available to your guests. If there is no possible way to make space, add a garment or coat rack to the room.

Choose light fixtures carefully. You'll want good overhead lighting as well as an option that you can shut off without having to get out of bed. All fixtures need to be clean, functional, and have spare bulbs.

A small trash can is a nice addition to each bedroom.

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Common Area

You need to provide a comfortable, relaxing common area. Your guests will want to unwind, send a few emails, and play a game, win them over by paying attention to the small details.

Provide a clean, inviting, thoughtfully decorated space for your guests to relax in.

Invest in a flat screen, HD television for your guests and connect to cable and Netflix.

Board Games
Every good vacation includes a board game. Your rental should have at least three or four classic board games. Make sure they have all the pieces and instructions.

If your rental has a fireplace you'll need to provide some kindling, logs, matches, a safety screen, and an extinguisher.

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Home and Neighborhood Guides

Think of things that you would want if you were visiting a new city and new home. Try and let your guests know everything you would want to know when visiting a new city, it will add to their experience and increase the rating of your listing.

Welcome Gift
This helps your guests to overlook small blemishes, and starts things off on the right foot. Get some local craft beers, or if they have children, get a locally themed coloring book.

Provide coffee, tea and possibly hot cocoa. While you do not need to provide a supply for their entire stay, providing an initial supply will make them feel at home.

Guest Book
Guests love learning about other guest’s experience. They'll suggest their favorite local spots while giving you credibility.

Welcome Book
You want to welcome your guests and present yourself professionally. Clearly display the welcome book and consider having more than one copy.

Property section: Provide the guests with a bit of information about yourself and the property. Let guests know what they'll have access to (e.g. swimming pool, bicycles, etc.) and how to access it. Specify the location of any passes or access cards. You'll also want to include a welcome letter, include contact numbers, parking rules, quiet hours, pet policies, and check out times.

Local information: Include a local map, grocery stores, pharmacies, and restaurants and a list of some local tidbits. You may want to write out a list of your favorite local happy hours or hiking trails. Think of "off the beaten path" information that that you'd only know as a resident of your city.

Transportation information: Give your guests an idea of how to get around. Provide transit maps, numbers to local taxi companies, bus schedules, and airport transfer services.

Emergencies: Include emergency contact information such as local police, hospitals, and fire stations.

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Everywhere Else

And for the rest of the house that doesn't fit into one of the other categories.

This is one of the most important pieces of hosting. Unless your home is in an extremely remote area, you are expected to provide very fast wireless Internet. Make sure the password and trouble-shooting instructions are in your welcome book.

Personal Items
Make sure to store valuables off-site and lock away most of your family photos, religious or political items, and personal care items.

In between guests NestFiller will check every light, so please stock spare bulbs. Pay special attention to hallways and stairwells, anything that could pose a safety hazard if the light is not working.

Consider night-lights for long hallways to avoid stubbed toes.

Make sure your locks and doors are in working order. We suggest making five spare sets of keys before hosting.

Windows and Screens
Deep clean all windows inside and out. Make sure the locks are in working order. Any exterior doors and windows that can be opened should have a screen without tears.

Air Conditioning
This is not needed for all properties, however consider installing window air conditioners, it will bring you better reviews. Clean filters often.

If your space's heat is in good working order this may not be an issue. If your space attracts winter athletes, let's say a ski cabin, you should invest in some space heaters. Clean filters often.

Drapes and blinds should be checked regularly. Make sure they are easy to operate and clean. Drapes should block light.

Pools/Hot Tubs
If your property has a pool or hot tub, you need to make it very clear if guests are allowed to use them or not. Make sure everything is in good working order and clean. If you are allowing guests access to these, amenities, you should offer beach towels or they will use traditional bath towels.

Play Ground
If your property has a playground, make sure it is safe.

Pay special attention to regular maintenance. Your decking should be put in with screws not nails and have no rising or loose boards.

If you are providing your renters access to your BBQ, make sure it is functional and clean. You will also need to stock charcoal, access to gas, and barbecue tools.

Washer and Dryer
If your rental has a washing and dryer make sure they are not excessively loud, and in working order.

Cleaning Supplies
Be sure to stock some general cleaning supplies. They won't be polishing your furniture, however some general supplies will encourage them to be clean in case of a spill.

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